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Sports Committee Report on the recent Portuguese Horseshoe Contest

July 5, 2016

Aloha Disc Slingers and Supporters,

Salutations and well wishes to all who attended this year’s extravaganza.  If there is two words that could describe this year's wrestling fundraiser it would be-Crusader Strong!  Thanks to all of you, there was 40 teams competing and an estimated 150 people present at the Clubhouse enjoying each other's company and basking in the warm friendships.  All told we were able to give Coach Al Chee some 4000 dollars from the evening's activities on top of the 500 that was collected from donors sponsoring the grapplers' upcoming journey to the penultimate and hallowed wrestling grounds of Iowa. This is where you want to go if you want to learn the art of corn growing and shucking as well as the fine skills of mano a mano wrestling.  I should also point out that the ultimate grand champs of this tourney, Charlie "oral diarrhea" Jaeger and Del "shorty bull" Delizo graciously and generously donated their purse prize of 200 deniro back into Coach Chee's coffer. 

We would like to thank and recognize the following people and entities for their continued and undying support of SLAA's Sports Committee.  SLAA Board of Directors president, Greg Frey, Board Member Kevin Chong Kee, Executive Director Bob Takei, St. Louis School President and Head of School Dr. Glenn Medeiros, SLS Advancement Office Alvin Katahara and Clubhouse grounds manager, Mike Punua.  Big props and an extra whoop whoop go out to the following stalwarts who donated their time, effort and goods in providing the implements and the playing field for this undertaking.  Jesse (I should be the Aloha Week King) and Solomon (if there was a Liberty House Hi Board I would be on it) Makainai (box construction), Ray Egan (box covering), Ben Kam (washers), Adrian Keanu (washers and washer covers), Keith Haina (hollow tile) and Jay Carvalho (smurf turf Field Turf).  Without these upstanding guys we would've been like the proverbial up the creek without a paddle.  Kam sa hamida's also go out to our gift and prize donors.  They include: Jay Yano of Badboy Hawaii, Agu Restaurant, Thomas "He-Man" Heffernan, SLS Project Grad 2017, Steve Machida and Paradise Beverage, Jene Fujita, Chevron (food donation), Service Printers (big screen tv), Jade Martinez, Brad Costales, John Correa(Kimberley-Clarke), UH Athletic Dept., AGU, Ahi Assassins and Mark Martinez.

A big Malo and fa'afetai tele lava to the Iowa Camp fund donators: Blenn Fujimoto, John Correa, Coach Al Chee, Ed Correa, Roy Ortiz, Richard "Old Spice” Felimer, Jr., Harlan "duck killer" Kam, Doug (Pocholinga) Luiz and Eric Tanaka.  Gracias to the following who donated cash for the wrestling program's general fund: Greg Frey, Doug Luiz, Dave Rapoza and Buddy Los Banos.  Gold stars and happy faces for the following for their donation and sacrifice:  Ms. Lahela Loo, Bookstore manager for the killer SL prizes, Coach Nick Rolovich and his staff for a spirited showing and especially Coach Al Chee for his beautiful and artistic koa perpetual trophy he designed and produced himself.  Coach Chee also hustled many prizes as well as convincing the UH football staff to show up.  

We tip our caps, bow our heads and high five the following good sports for their participation in this year's Portagee Horseshoe tourney: The orient express of Harvey Chee and Greg Hayashi(aside from ET they were the only other "ornamentals" in the house), Mike and Shane Correa, Jay and Jonah Yano, Jason Cvercko and Abe Eliminian,  Nathan and Akoni Yano, Richard Felimer and Beau Yano, Nick Rolovich and Craig Stutzman, Kekoa and Al Willing, Roy Ortiz and Kala, John and Marcus Ornellas, Damien Matautia and David Sene, Scott and Noah Paiva, Makana Campbell and Jonah Aiwohi, Dane Keohokalole and Moana Cummings, Jimmy Gonsalves and Alex Aiu, Shiloh and Lorenzo, Stramer and Ben Lee, Keola Willing and Fatso, Alika and Dean, Richard Gaspar and Kona Lau, Shane Cuskaden and Mark Martinez, Charlie Jaeger and Del Delizo, Kevin and Doreen Siders, Travis Siders and Mark Moody, Wayne and Tyler Ibara, Richard B and Derrick Kalanui, Kaleo Dunaway and Mike Nobriga, Rob and Ronson Timbreza, Jay Fukuda and Todd Conching, George Ornellas and Ricky Salas,  Mikael Waters and Mayar Chaudharn, Sean Duggan and Makana Garnga, Bubba Reynolds and Brian Smith, Dave Diamond and Keiki Naholoholo, Kawika Diamond and Kamalani Naholoholo, Roxy and Abrey Nobriga, Ed and Hao Correa, Craig Watase and Max Lindsey, Maile Levins and George Lindsey and Eric and Lucia Young.  

As mentioned the ultimate disc tossers this year belonged to Charlie Jaeger and Del Delizo who won a hotly contested match from George Ornellas and Ricky Salas.  Washers were a clanking and the suds were a flowing as these titans clashed to the bitter end.  With a quick jab step from Del and a pelvic thrust from the gnome like Jaeger, the game came to an abrupt end.  Instead of doing the lambada Mr. Oral Diarrhea did the "malasada".  Third went to Mike and Shawn Nobriga.  In our washer toss buy in contest (similar to a free throw contest in basketball) the half pot winner of 330 dollars went to Craig Watase's taller half, Maile Levins.  The big screen tv was won by Scott Gonsalves.  We hope and pray that everyone had a blast and look forward to seeing you again next year.  Please forward this mailing to anyone else in your group, directory or class.  Please note the following: 

  1. Stay tuned for our end of December 3 on 3 basketball where you can watch in awe the best three puka puka team in the nation-Nalei Cox, Mike Nua and Steely Malepeai.  Walter Wong court has never recovered from their stomping.  Word is that Bigfoot from the Northwest will be joining their squad.
  2. All are encouraged to be a member of SLAA-graduate or not.  Go to the SLAA website or contact Dreamy Eyes Mark Martinez.
  3. Please kokua our sponsors-Agu, Ahi Assassins, Badboy Hawaii, Chevron, Service Printers, Paradise Beverage, Kimberley-Clarke
  4. Donations still being accepted

Stay safe, love one another and we will catch you on the flip side.  Malama pono and Aloha ke Akua.  Crusader Strong, 24/7.  Memor et Fidelis, always!


Your SLAA Sports Committee:

Chair Keith Haina

Members: Brian Viola, Brad Costales, Dave Diamond, Keone Batoon, Mark Martinez, Nainoa Campbell, Keola Willing, John Naipo and Eric Tanaka(ET)

Board Member and Liaison to the SC: John Correa