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Welcome from President

   Our By-Laws clearly indicate the specific jobs and tasks of the SLAA President, at Article VI, Section 3, and for the most part, the description is fairly accurate if not “spot on.”  Please read it to see if you agree. Yet, truth be told, what I principally do is “conduct.”  I surround myself with exceptionally dedicated, loyal, passionate and hardworking people who believe in and want to do whatever it takes to insure the continued stability, success and reputation of our SLAA and by extension, our SLS.  Then, I simply watch over, guide and channel their hard work and devotion.  

   The hard work and dedication of our SLAA Board, Executive Director, employees as well as our Committee Chairs and members has always yielded amazing results. The smooth continuation of CLAT I and the creation of CLAT II, both to directly benefit SLS via an over two million dollar donation to our alma mater over the next several years, is but one example. There are so many more, to include the development of an over seven million dollar loan package to help ensure SLS’ smooth transition to “CrusaderStrong,” the creation of a new caterer system and the immediate success and popularity of our new tenant, Agu Ramen.  Perhaps the most notable and visible support of all, however, has been the “groundbreaking” of an outdoor weight facility at SLS for our student athletes which has been significantly financed by our SLAA.

   None of the referenced successes (to include several not specifically referenced) could have been possible without the tremendous efforts of so many people, to include our SLAA Membership.  Each of you makes a true difference, and your Board, Executive Director, Committee Chairs, Committee members and SLAA employees all thank you, the SLAA Membership, for your efforts and support, as does SLS.  Let’s maintain momentum, focus and continue to work toward “CrusaderStrong.”


Board President