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The mission of the “Saint Louis Alumni Association” has as many facets and characteristics as it has energetic members.  Central among them are these…

Saint Louis Alumni Association is:

  • Devoted to supporting, assisting and improving Saint Louis School (formally known as College of Ahuimanu [1846-1881], Saint Louis College [1881 – 1955] and Saint Louis High School [1955-1986]).
  • Devoted to support the Mission Statement of Saint Louis School “to educate and challenge students of various religious, ethnic and economic backgrounds that they may achieve a quality education and become Gentlemen of character reaching individual potential through the Catholic Marianist tradition of spiritual, academic, physical and emotional maturity.”
  • Devoted to continue and preserve the distinction of being the only Hawaii High School Alumni Association with its own clubhouse facility for the use and enjoyment of its members and their ‘Ohana.  
  • Devoted to offer continued moral, spiritual, intellectual and social support and enrichment to its members, to include in times of distress, sickness and death.  
  • Devoted to serve as goodwill ambassadors for Saint Louis School and to actively assist, promote and publicize the policies, objectives, undertakings and projects of Saint Louis School.
  • Devoted to promote and participate in civic, industrial and recreational activities of Saint Louis School and to the broader Hawaiian community.
  • Devoted to provide financial assistance to Saint Louis School.