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St. Louis College

The St. Louis College, G. Bertram principal, was located at the foot of Beretania Street. The premises, abounding with luxuriant vegetation and all kinds of tropical trees and plants, formerly belonged to the "Montgomery Estate," and were purchased by the late Rt. Rev. Hermann, D. D., Bishop of Olba, as the site for this college. He erected a two-story brick building, and after its erection, procured a corps of teachers from" the States. In 1883 these took charge of the institution. At the end of the first year it was found necessary to provide additional accommodations on account of the rapid increase in the number of pupils. Two large, roomy two-story buildings were then erected. The buildings, though modest in appearance, are well furnished. The chemical and philosophical apparatus was imported from Europe.

The College possessed a collection of minerals and Hawaiian curios and a library for the use of the students. The latter contained a good selection of juvenile books, and several of the leading American periodicals.

The St. Louis College was aimed to be a first-class preparatory, classical and commercial school. The course of studies was well graded and was completed in the High Class, in which a thorough and practical knowledge in the several departments of business, literature and science is imparted. Students were able to pursue special courses in music, art and modern languages. Greek and Latin are optional.

History of St. Louis Alumni Association

Brother Gabriel Bertram Bellinghausen, S.M. left three major legacies to the island territory of Hawaii.  One of his last gestures before he left was to found the Saint Louis Alumni Association, a successful corporation to this day. Of German stock, Brother Bertram was authoritarian by nature.  He demanded perfect discipline and strict observance to the rules, an insistence difficult for his subjects to endure but fruitful in real education and the formation of character.

The St. Louis Alumni Association (SLAA) was incorporated 100 years ago on June 27, 1907, during the tenure of Brother Bertram Bellinghausen and James L. Holt, who was the first president of SLAA and began with 200 charter members.

SLAA is devoted to supporting; assisting, and improving St. Louis School. The Alumni Association serves as goodwill ambassadors for the school and actively assists, promotes, and publicizes the policies, objectives, undertakings, and projects of St. Louis School. The SLAA provides financial assistance for worthy students attending St. Louis School, and gives special consideration to students who are sons of fellow alumni. The SLAA promotes and participates in the civic, industrial, recreational, and educational activities of the St. Louis School community, and the broader community in which the school and its students exist.

The SLAA offers continued moral, spiritual, intellectual, and social improvements to its members, and provides assistance in times of distress, sickness, or death. The SLAA is proud of its distinction of being the only Hawaii High School Alumni with its own clubhouse facility for the use and enjoyment of its members and their families.

We are proud that St. Louis has produced informed, responsible men for this community and for the world. This pride is the result of an experience of a sound education that was offered in a secure community unified with Catholic philosophies.

Today over 2,600 alumni are participating members of the SLAA and is governed by a nine-member Board of Directors. We have various standing committees that are responsible for implementing the wishes of the Board. Board meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month and all active members are invited to attend these meetings.

Saint Louis School

Saint Louis School can trace its reason for being back to the French Revolution when Father William Joseph Chaminade founded the Society of Mary (Marianists).  It was founded with the principles that education would be the best way to reintroduce Catholic values into society.  Over the years the same values have been taught at Saint Louis through the Marianists, lay staff, and faculty sharing a common mission and vision for education.  Today Marianists are on six continents and in more than forty countries.  Its history and influence runs deep throughout the world – no more so than in Hawaii.  On September 3, 1883, eight Marianist Brothers from Dayton, Ohio, led by Bro. Gabriel Bertram Bellinghausen, disembarked from the SS Mariposa in Honolulu Harbor.  On this day, a Mass of Aloha was celebrated by Sacred Hearts Father, Damien de Veuster – an auspicious welcome to the new faculty of St. Louis College.

Today Saint Louis School prides itself on providing a unique educational experience that creates a brotherhood among the students that lasts a lifetime.  There is something special about being a Saint Louis Man.  The school is proud to be the premier school for young men from all walks of life that provides them with a unique opportunity to receive an exceptional well-rounded education, rich in pride and tradition that gives them the opportunity to become the very best they can be.  The school currently has approximately 650 students in grades seven through twelve on the seventy-two acre campus.

Saint Louis School has a rich tradition of educating young men who have gone on to become leaders in our community.  They were students who came from all walks of life and went on to be leaders in all walks of life.  There are politicians, attorneys and judges, businessmen of all sorts, clergy and pastors, artists and musicians, star athletes, doctors and dentists, scientists and travel industry moguls, firemen and policemen – and all are Saint Louis Men!

You will see some of these leaders listed in the Gallery of Distinguished Achievers section.  Here are just a few – past and present:

Joseph de Veuster attended Ahuimanu College, the precursor to Saint Louis School.  He was ordained and later moved to Molokai.  Today we know him as Saint Damien of Molokai.

Neal S. Blaisdell ’21 – Mayor of Honolulu – 1954 to 1968

William K. Blaisdell ’23 – Fire Chief in 1959
John A. Burns ’30 – Governor of Hawaii – 1966 to 1983
Francis A. Keala ’48 – Chief of Police of Honolulu – 1969 to 1983
George M. Koga ’46 – Honolulu City Council – 1961 to 1979
Herman G.P. Lemke ‘35 – Honolulu City Council - 1965 to 1969
Herman Wedemeyer ’43 – 1965 to 1969
Daniel G. Clement, Jr. ’52 – 1972 to 1983
Rudy V. Pacarro ’45 – 1971 to 1985
Frank W.C. Loo ’41 – 1971 to 1979
Gary H. Okino ’60 – 2000 to 2011
Calvin K.Y Say ’70 – former Speaker of the House in Hawaii – 1999 to 2013
James R. “Duke” Aiona ’73 – former Lt. Governor of Hawaii – 2002 to 2010

There are philanthropists who double as doctors and dentists such as Dr. Larry Tseu ’51 and Dr. Richard Mamiya ’44; Grammy Award winners such as Dean Pitchford ’68 and Daniel Ho ’86; Businessmen Bob Morgado ’60, Greg Gomes ’56, Walter Dods ’59 and Pat Kahler ’62; Judges Jim Burns ’55, Patrick Yim ’59, Clifford Nakea ’61, David Ezra ‘65, and Walter Kirimitsu ’58; E; Clergy from Brother Oliver Aiu ’40 to Father Roland Bunda ’60; Outstanding athletes such as Herman Wedemeyer ’43, Ted Makalena ’53, Jim Nicholson ’68, Hal Stringert ’70, Chris Fuamatu-Ma`afala ’95, Olin Kreutz ’95, Dominic Raiola ’97, Timmy Chang ’00, Jeremiah Masoli ’06, and Marcus Mariota ’11.  Obviously, there are many more great athletes who have walked the halls, but these great athletes were fueled by great coaches over the years – from Walter Wong, Francis Funai to Cal Lee.  The outstanding students are a credit to themselves, to their parents and family, and to the excellent teachers and faculty who gave them the tools to be the best they could be.

The message is that no matter what direction life takes you; Saint Louis gives you the tools to be somebody.  Lots of leaders, past and present certainly more for the future, are needed.  Please support your Alma Mater and Alumni Association to help carry on the “Pride and Tradition” of the Saint Louis Man!